Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans, also known as radial blowers, are designed to move air or gas in a radial direction away from the central axis of rotation. They are commonly used in industrial settings for tasks such as exhaust ventilation, cooling, drying, and air pollution control. Our centrifugal fans are engineered to deliver solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. With robust construction and advanced technology, these fans provide efficient airflow, ensuring optimal operation and productivity in your facility.

Air flow rate up to 400,000 m3/h

Differential pressure up to 2,000 mm Water column

Inlet gas temperatures up to 400 °C

Wear-resistant impellers, possible with wear-resistant steel, hard facing, FRP lining etc.

Impeller diameter up to 3,000 mm

Durable Construction

Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our fans feature durable construction and high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Variable Speed Control

With variable speed control options available, you can adjust the airflow to suit your needs, providing greater flexibility and control over your ventilation system.

Noise Reduction

Despite their powerful performance, our centrifugal fans can be equipped with silencers, acoustic insulation or noise-reducing enclosures to reduce their noise.

Easy Maintenance

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, our centrifugal fans are user-friendly and require minimal downtime for servicing, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Condition Monitoring

When equipped with sensors like vibration sensor, temperature sensor etc., the operating condition of the fan can be easily monitored through an HMI.

Exhaust Ventilation

Removing fumes, gases, and airborne particles from industrial processes to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


Provide effective cooling for machinery, equipment, and processes to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.


Aid in drying processes by facilitating the movement of air over surfaces, materials, or products.

Air Pollution Control

Assist in controlling air pollution by providing airflow through bag filters that capturing and removing contaminants such as dust, smoke, and particulate matter from industrial emissions.

HVAC Systems

Enhance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in commercial and industrial buildings to maintain comfortable indoor air quality and temperature levels.

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