Reverse Air Bag Filter

Reverse air bag filters, also known as reverse air dust collectors, are a type of baghouse filtration system used to control air pollution in industrial processes. Unlike pulse jet bag filters, which use pulses of compressed air to clean the filter bags, reverse air bag filters use a reverse airflow to clean the bags, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning of the filter media.

Complete automation, helps reduce energy waste

Pre-collectors application to separate large coarse particles

High temperatures operations up to 250 °C without the need of a heat exchangers

Support structures and platforms are optional

Food-grade construction can be achieved by using food-grade materials

Efficient Filtration

Advanced filtration technology efficiently captures particulate matter, ensuring clean air emissions and compliance with environmental regulations.

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Reverse airflow cleans the filter bags by blowing air in the opposite direction of the gas flow, dislodging accumulated dust and ensuring optimal filter performance.

Modular Design

Modular design allows for scalability and flexibility to accommodate varying air volumes and dust loads.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize energy usage with variable speed control options and energy-efficient operation.

Easy Maintenance

User-friendly design and accessible components make maintenance tasks quick and hassle-free.

Industrial Processes

Control air pollution in various industrial processes, including cement manufacturing, steel and metal processing, power generation, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Product Recovery

Recover valuable products or materials from exhaust gases by capturing and collecting them in the filter bags for reuse or recycling.

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