Cyclone Separators

Cyclones use the principle of centrifugal force to separate particles. The most widely used type of dust collector is a cyclone; it has no moving parts and hence requires little maintenance. Despite its simplicity, the cyclone has lost its utility as a control device due to today's stringent pollution control regulations. As a result, cyclones are no longer used as stand-alone control equipment. These serve as an ideal pre-collector before the bag filter. A cyclone can remove far smaller particles than a settling chamber and takes up less area to handle the same gas volume. A cyclone is capable of trapping particles as small as 10 ┬Ám. Cyclones are effective where dust loading is very high, such as in pneumatic conveying, or coarse particles must be separated before the bag filter or electrostatic precipitator.

Available in both, Single and Multi-cell arrangements

High temperatures operations possible

Support structures and platforms are optional

Food-grade construction can be achieved by using food-grade materials

High Particle Removal Efficiency

Efficient design and centrifugal force enable cyclone separators to achieve high particle removal efficiency, ensuring clean air emissions and compliance with environmental regulations.

Compact Design

Space-saving design and simple construction make cyclone separators easy to install and integrate into existing industrial processes with minimal footprint.

Low Maintenance

Robust construction and minimal moving parts result in low maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.


Modular design allows for scalability and flexibility to accommodate varying air volumes and particle sizes, ensuring optimal performance in different operating conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient operation and minimal pressure drop help to reduce operating costs and environmental impact, making cyclone separators a cost-effective solution for particle removal.

Dust Collection

Remove dust and particulate matter from industrial processes, such as woodworking, metalworking, mining, and grain handling, to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

Pneumatic Conveying

Separate particles from pneumatic conveying systems to prevent equipment clogging and ensure efficient material handling.

Product Recovery

Recover valuable products or materials from exhaust gases by separating and collecting them in cyclone separators for reuse or recycling.


Assist in controlling air pollution by capturing and removing larger particulates from the flue gas to help increase filter bag life.

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